Lonr. & H.E.R. team up for “Make The Most”, a touching video that screams how life is short so we should make the most of every moment

If you’re sitting in lockdown right now suppressing all those emotions you should be dealing with then I suggest you look away immediately, because this video is going to make you feel all those feels, and then some.

Lonr.’s new track “Make The Most” – a collab with our latest obsession, queen H.E.R. – is a classic neo-R&B ballad that displays the cutest and first phase of a new relationship. You’re all in lurve, feeding each other food, taking the dopest selfies, snuggled up on the couch – life’s good.

But like this current Covid-19 shit storm that we find ourselves in, life can turn bad, fast.

“The idea behind ‘Make The Most’ was simply that we only have one life to live so with whatever or whoever it is that you love make sure you make it known… make sure you chase it, because tomorrow isn’t promised,” Lonr. explained in an official statement and I won’t lie, he got me reaching for the phone to send a voicenote or two I should have sent a while ago.