Moonga K. writes a letter to a lover in a sultry, sun-soaked video for “Heartbeat 8”

Moonga K. – ever the one for surprises when it comes to his sound – gets sultry and summery in his latest offering. “Heartbeat 8” is, at its core, a daydream of a potential love affair, soaked in euphoria and fuzzy-edged idealism.

The 23-year-old Botswana-born, Joburg-hailing musician has always had a whole lot going for him when it comes to his music – and his latest is no exception. A simplistic guitar line paves the foundation of the track, while percussive textures and a sweeping synth overlay fleshes it out. His vocals are honey-warm and crooning. Pitching falsetto choruses kicking back into half-rapped verses which lay down the storyline.

Set in scintillating nature, the video is polished, poignant and effortlessly artistic. Moonga K. moves between trees and river rocks. Mirror balls hang from branches, friends move, almost animal-like, in and out of frame. It gets a little urban too – cutting to a boldly lit cityscape, as he walks along a rooftop, buildings unfurling behind him.

Everything down to the sun-soaked portrait shots and greenery oozes a sexy, sultry, organic appeal. He’s a whole lot more honest this time around, easing into a polished, contemporary sound which is pushing his work into effortless maturity.