Ndabezimnandi’s “Home” takes advantage of the coronavirus lockdown, celebrating the solace of his very own place of residence

Opening to a dreamlike lullaby of soft synth keys, Ndabezimnandi’s “Home” is a lyric-heavy letter to himself. He reflects on his career as an upcoming musician and how home has always been a place of solace while trying to find himself.

There’s an interesting juxtaposition throughout the track and it makes for a distinctive style. Ndabezimnandi’s vocals are forceful and gritty, even unadulterated at times – he literally sneezes about halfway through his flow and just laughs it off, a one-take move so whacky it’s charming.

However the backing instrumentals are soft and gentle, reminiscent of childhood lullabies and the comfort of home. Together these two factors push the track into a sound that’s irreverently exciting. Ndabezimnandi sees it as “bleeding through the music” and capturing his true emotion. Sneezing through the music, laughing through the music, they’re all just ways for Ndabezimnandi to take us into what feels like home for him.

Ndabezimnandi’s release was spurred by the lockdown. Given the chance to spend time with family and see what is important in life, being homebound gave him the clarity to put things into perspective. “If you love something, you need to take it home,” he says – and simple words ring true.