Self-made soul queen, Nipho Hurd has just dropped her debut EP The Ghel and we highly rate it

Durbanite neo-soul ninja Nipho Hurd has sliced her way onto the scene with a fierce, 7-track EP that will set your ears on fire.

Raised rural and adopted urban, Nipho’s spirit is riddled with colour, vibrance and a rhythm influenced by her traditional roots. Born Nklakanipho Lungelo Khanyile in Emsinga, to a traditional Sangoma household, Nipho would lead the songs when learners came to train or Thwasa, under her grandmother.

Now, Nipho steps to the beat of her own resilient rhythm in the recently released EP, The Ghel.

The introductory track “Money” is a total hip-slider, seducing the listener into the rest of the album followed by a tropical, afro beat packaged as track two – “Very Special”. Nipho casually shimmies into “Freelance To Freedom”, where we meet collaborator, Neo Ndawo who adds his hip-hop flair to Nipho’s sonic tapestry.

“The Ghel” is inspired by a viral video of a young girl proclaiming to the person on the other end of the chat that she ‘Is the ghel and she is drinking the wines’. One wears ‘The Ghel’ or ‘Thee girl’ attitude like a battle scar. A hypnotic presence that commands curiosity when The Ghel walks into a room.

The Ghel is a freedom anthem for young, maverick women ruling their own worlds and handling their own business. The Ghel unapologetically commands attention with its seamless compositions and tight transitions.

It’s a little bit of spicy, a little bit of sexy, and a whole lot of party.