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Showlive launches a new live-streaming platform for musos to earn during lockdown and all performers get a free holiday down the East Coast

It took about as much time for the lockdown to upturn the entertainment industry as it did for the entertainment industry to come up with and start implementing counter attacks (read: solutions).

One such solution is recently launched streaming site, Showlive — started by Herman Vercuiel (chief of technology), Josh Roxton (artist liaison), Marc Klein (chief of marketing) and Jessica Schnehage (agent and event producer) — that allows artists to sign up and log in, set up an account with a linked unique code, and to literally start singing all the way to the bank — it’s easy, it’s quick, it’s hassle-free DIY.

ShowLive operates on a simple pay-per-view model where viewers pay an upfront ticket fee set by the artist to gain access into the stream. But it also allows viewers to donate a little extra throughout or after the show. They charge an admin fee of 7% on ticket sales, but 0% commission on additional donations.

As soon as an artist’s show is over, that show is made available for any late-comers, to request on demand, where the same pay-per-view principle applies.

With a number of newly launched streaming initiatives in the recent past weeks, ShowLive isn’t reinventing the wheel, but they do offer a very attractive reward for all artists who get involved: a free holiday for all performers.

With the intention of sparking up post-lockdown domestic travel, artists are being offered up to 5 nights at any and all the participating establishments on the wild, East Coast: Island Vibe Backpackers, Buccaneers Lodge & Backpackers, Bulungula, and Coffee Shack. Artists aren’t required to perform at any of the accommodations, but would a live stream from an unspoilt beach up the West Coast be the worst idea ever?

Find out more about upcoming shows on ShowLive and how you can get involved by visiting their site.