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Texx Talks Episode 2 features The Kiffness – SA meme king and music culture tastemaker

This week’s episode of Texx Talks features David Scott, aka The Kiffness, who can be best described as a South African meme and music culture tastemaker.

From his roots remixing his school song, to taking on the SABC with his #NoPayNoPlay campaign, to creating a mashup that was incorporated into Fatboy Slim’s set – Dave has never shied away from being quirky or controversial and did not hold back during his talk with me.

“I believe podcasts are pretty much like books, but with the luxury of tone. It’s one thing to have something written down on paper but to hear the tone in which the person intended that information puts us in a better space,” Dave begins to explain.

“The interview was great. An hour flew by and Texx asked some really thought-provoking questions. Came out of the talk like I’d just had a therapy session. Made me really evaluate what it is I actually believe.”

Dave’s development as an artist can only be described as DIY, having essentially turned his band into a brand, while always being fully open to sharing his hard-earned industry insights with the music community at large, and this episode of Texx Talks is no different.

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Listen to Episode 2 of Texx Talks featuring The Kiffness below.

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