Texx Talks

Texx Talks Season 1 premieres with Zolani Mahola – singer, actress and transformational speaker

Texx Talks is a weekly interview-style music podcast hosted by Tecla Ciolfi (TATC’s founder & editor) where musicians share their highs, lows and the secret to their continued successes, in frank deep-dive discussions.

Zolani Mahola can be best described as a South African national treasure. Over her 17 years in the industry, she established herself as the front woman of award-winning Afro-pop group Freshlyground, before reinventing herself under her solo moniker as “The One Who Sings” at the end of 2019. 

From getting deported by authoritarian regimes to feeling your lowest whilst on top, Zolani’s journey is one one of boundless optimism and heartfelt glimpses into the mind of this talented storyteller.

Listen to Episode 1 of Texx Talks featuring Zolani Mahola below.

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