The Lockdown LIVE with Splashy Fen lets you enjoy an expertly curated line-up over the three days the festival would have taken place

While Splashy Fen’s organisers would love nothing more than to welcome 10 000 fans to the beautiful Splashy Fen Farm this Easter, the nationwide lockdown has other plans. 

However, organisers Impi Concept Events have decided not to dwell on what could have been, but to rather create something amazing for fans to look forward to this Easter.

Cue the Lockdown Live with Splashy Fen.

Taking place since 09: 00am this morning, tomorrow the 10th and Saturday the 11th of April, the Lockdown Live is a 3-day virtual Splashy Fen Music Festival, which fans can watch online and enjoy from the comfort of their homes. 

Over the course of the 3 days fans can enjoy a carefully curated selection of amazing music, streamed from each musician’s home or private studio – artists like Goldfish, Veranda Panda, Goodluck, Donovan Copley from Hot Water, Gary Nixon from the Kickstands, Steve Umculo, Freddy-L … and more will be performing LIVE to all Splashy Fen fans this weekend.

The online festival is free to anyone and everyone, as a thank you to all the fans who have been exceptionally understanding and supportive of the festival’s date change. Stream Lockdown Live below.