The World of Birds are all cigarettes and sideburns in their classic video for “Open Up”

You know World of Birds – Nic Preen’s post-Al-Bairre musical lovechild turned bedroom dream-pop band, and after Red Robyn recently joined their ranks, things are properly popping off. They’ve got some of the catchiest songs on the left-field market, alongside their pursuit of a more synth-driven flamboyance.

WOB’s new video, shot by Julien Culverhouse and directed by their own Conor McCarthy (keys), is a pastel-palated exploration of music in the time of blue-sheet backdrops and sideburn beards.

It’s driven by a hollow percussive beat and awash in groovy synths – and it’s got all the hooks that’ll keep it in your head long after it’s done. Preen’s part-philosophical, part-just-plain-simple lyricism unwraps the juvenile simplicity of love with cheeky candour – “When I look back and you forget/ That you put out your cigarette on my bathing clothes.”

Cut to the video and snapping cameras and glossy microphones frame a press conference scene. The band are wild haired and bespectacled. Cigarettes dangle from casual fingers. They belt out the track and a couple of dance moves in their pastel blue world.

It’s playful, it’s summery – and it’s a pretty good exhibition of just who these guys are, really. Have a boogie to it.