Trxstxssx’s “Recollection” is an atmospheric exploration of hope and remembrance

Trxstxssx’s “Recollection” begins with “Simos”. Like the first step off the rocket ship and into the unknown, the track is layered in emotion. A spacey feel and scratch-like sounds cement a sense of discovery; distorted bass, soothing pads and a unique bouquet of supplementary tones, all culminating to evoke a sensation of light after years of dark.

“Dream of Me”, a collaboration with local producer, FRNGE, immediately captures your attention with soft, alluring vocals that grow in desperation as the song progresses. The question “Do you dream of me?” is repeated throughout the track, a call to be remembered, as the melancholic feeling of nostalgia overwhelms you.

“Cancer” is a tense and gripping dose of anxiety, bouncing over a rhythmic kick and three bass notes. It’s the type of track I imagine plays inside a black hole, where your angst-ridden thoughts are brought to light, and you go full orbit ‘round your mind before fading into black. It adds weight as it goes and decompresses towards the end, as you recover from the peak of your journey.  

The eerie opener to “Tenfold Houses” is quickly silenced by a sense of hope. The song has an element of determinism to it, the drop like breaking through the mould to be set free. The beautiful synths, song structure and harmonious choice of samples all add to this feeling of optimistic freedom.

The closer, “Volt” with FRNGE, opens floodgates of memories. It’s a recollection of years gone by; finding out who you really are. It’s enlightenment in real time, and while there’s an element of sorrow to the track, it’s the sense of acceptance and gratitude that prevails. It’s as if the track is speaking to you, and all you can do is listen. “Volt” acts as the perfect outro to a well thought out and complete project.

Trxstxssx is a connoisseur of sound and “Recollection” is the perfect showcase of his ability.