Van Pletzen want you to all swaai ‘n lekker zaab on this glorious day of 4/20

Sure there’ve been a bunch of tracks written about weed locally, but Van Pletzen have ensured we finally have our own 4/20 ode.

“Swaai ‘n zaab” is Van Pletzen’s “geskenk to everyone by die huis” and as lekker as it is, it doesn’t come with actual weed unforch.

Written, recorded and mixed from start to finish during the lockdown as an ode to this glorious day, the video was shot and edited by the band using their phones, with the entire process taking place over the course of two days.

“The song is about Zaab and it is a 420 celebration and it is our little gift to everyone celebrating 420!” Peach exclaims. “The video features us going about our daily routines during lockdown; making kos, oefening, having a legeh foam bath, as well as a lot of Zaab! Enough Zaab for another year of lockdown!”

Jah bless, Van Pletz.