We’ve unearthed another 5 epic music documentaries that you can stream for free on YouTube this weekend

We’re just about a week into lock down. The “new normal” is being a stay-at-home everything and the walls are just edging closer and closer every morning. With this in mind, we’ve got another list of free to watch documentaries ready to roll for you, just to keep your mind off of turning your pot plants into Bonsai.

Rave & Resistance: How Club Culture Started In ’90’s Johannesburg

I only recently saw this measured look into the origins of South Africa’s diverse and, still to this day, disparate clubbing scenes. From the moment house music landed in South Africa it no longer solely belonged to Chicago and the UK, now being the most prominent style of music in the country.

Metal Evolution – Extreme Metal

Widely derided by older heavy metal fans, but ultimately the most prominent sub-genres of the Metal spectrum, this doccie takes a look at everything from death metal, groove metal, metalcore, black metal and more. A decidedly fun crash course into this extreme world that so many people call home, often misunderstood and overlooked by the mainstream as “real” metal.

Bassweight: A Dubstep Documentary

In 2009 my older brother gave me a folder full of music labeled DUBSTEP. A huge hip hop fan, he didn’t understand the music, but thought I would. Dubstep has never left my musical purview and this documentary recounts details through interviews and anecdotes of exactly what went down in London’s Croydon neighbourhood in the mid to late 2000s that gave birth to a sound that disrupted every sphere of popular music. For a time dubstep was inescapable, with a presence in pop, metal, and hip hop. Big up the Croydon massive!

The Joy of Disco

On July 12, 1979, Chicago shock-jock Steve Dahl instigated a Disco Demolition Night, forever and always preventing disco music from re-entering the mainstream. While it was definitely a night fuelled by anti-gay, anti-black, sentiment, disco would continue to influence the world of popular music for years to come, from post-punk music in the ’80s, being the starting point for house and its sub-genres, and the disco/indie rock revival of the early 2000s. This documentary is IMPORTANT, all caps intended.

The Decline of Western Civilization

Largely hailed as one of the most innovative hardcore punk bands, Black Flag and their music were a movement unto themselves in the then-stagnating world of punk rock. Inspiring a new breed of faster-paced, more nihilistic and political stream of punk, this documentary tracks their lives between 1979 and 1980, from their origins to the many line-up changes they experienced in their earliest period. Unfortunately no Henry Rollins just yet, but still a fun watch.

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