Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions are back with a lockdown-style video for “Matter of Time”

When it comes to putting out pop-rock anthems with a healthy dose of soulful inspiration, you’d be hard-pressed to find a band that does it better than Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions. The Cape Town-based band are back with their brand new single “Matter of Time” and a lockdown-style video to boot.

“Matter of Time” is, at its core, a spirited commentary on the current state of the world. Never ones to shy away from more serious topics, the lyrics touch on the coronavirus epidemic, climate change and consumerism – with a refreshingly optimistic outlook.

It’s Dey’s unflinchingly earnest yet effortlessly powerful vocals and impressive vocal range that prove to be the cornerstone of the song and, lending it a soulful sincerity that really captures the uplifting essence of the message the lyrics are trying to convey. Vibrant rhythm guitar, a strong bassline, catchy beat, and a sneaky shred or two towards the end of this song fuse together to form a solid earworm.

The video for “Matter of Time” can only be described as an innovative endeavour to create art while apart. Simply put, the video is a grainy zoom call band practise with some sweeping footage – from forest shots, to a stormy ocean, the globe, and a COVID-19 society – in the background. And, while the video is certainly not a masterpiece, it’s a simple and heartfelt – with a touch of DIY aesthetic – offering from the band.