Celebrating three years of proudly flying their freak flags high, the Death of Glitter go all out for their Birthday Ball live stream

On Saturday, the 30th of May The Death of Glitter will host their Birthday Ball live stream, celebrating three years of radical self-expression and outrageous ‘otherness’.

For the Mother City-hailing queerlective, being able to flaunt their fabulosity freely has always been priority #1, encouraging a non-judgemental queer culture and leading, in 10-inch stilettos, by fearless example.

The line-up includes local faves like Angel-Ho, NoDiggity, DRAGMOTHER, and Queezy, with Russian feminist punk rockers PussyRiot headlining the event. Feeble minds and gentle souls, be warned.

Last week drag queen superstar Glitteris kicked off the birthday anticipation with a string of interviews showcasing the creatives behind DOG. This week, make-up wizard Gareth Coleman shares a step-by-step makeup tutorial (read: challenge) — themed: 60s cabaret — for those who need some professional Birthday Ball inspiration and it’s simple enough: watch the tutorial, create your look, snap a cover girl selfie, and share it to your Instagram stories tagging @thedeathofglitter.

MAKEUP CHALLENGE: Makeup wizard Gareth Coleman has created a look that we want you to rock for THE DEATH OF GLITTER BIRTHDAY BALL FT. Pussy Riot! We want you to get all dressed up with nowhere to go and explore your creativity like you were about to head to Evol! Here's how to participate: – watch the tutorial before getting ready on Saturday – interpret it in your way with what's available to you, be creative! – share your looks via Instagram stories and tag @thedeathofglitter and @thelastblackmage- We will share your work so we can all look fab together! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU DOLLS! #DOGTURNS3

Posted by The Death of Glitter on Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Broadcast across Facebook, the live stream is free, with artist donations encouraged via BUSQR.

Slaying is a full-time job and the kweens behind the Death of Glitter have been working overtime to give their Birthday Ball the attention it deserves.

Check out their event on Facebook for the full line-up and more details.

Main image by Alix Hodge, poster by SCUMBOY.