Contemporary rapper Vitu shows his flair for sampling on his latest mixtape, Vinyls and Swishers

Vitu, the rap artist turning ghost jazz into sonic landscapes, has dropped a 16-track mix-tape featuring a cast of collaborators (Bioch3mic, Lakei, Hoax, Thomas Hazey, Ovyuki) and some of the best contemporary jazz samples around. He dedicated himself to listening to a new vinyl every day over this past year, taking anything that stood out to him straight off the records. It left him with one huge sound library, and the vastness shines through every corner of Vinyls and Swishers.

Opening on “Happy Birthday”, through drones and gramophone horns, Vitu works an intricate and rhythmic blend of flow, beat and instrumentals. It’s exciting to hear something so daring, more so because Vitu’s music is entirely self-produced. He’s got a real talent for the way he layers sounds, giving each detail the space to shine through this all-eclectic mix.

“High Society”, a bluesy piano tune turned dark and hard-out, stands as one of the best tracks on the record. He breaks the keys apart and restructures them with such striking artistry that it’s hard not to get wrapped up in Vitu’s sound garden. “Jazz Cartier”, with its picked bass line and the fast-paced electro-chorus on “Tomorrow Never Comes” are equally as striking.

Give this a listen – it’s utterly refreshing.