DJP remixes Carte Blanche’s theme tune into something unmistakably sentimental for everyone who grew up with the show

Picture this: it’s 7pm on a Sunday evening, there’s that inevitable braai smell coming from one of your neighbours’ back gardens (you know the smell), dinner is almost ready and then you hear that unmistakable tune, the tune of all South African theme songs. Yup, Carte Blanche is on. 

It’s a tradition, watching Carte Blanche before the Sunday night movie, EVERY Sunday. A routine that is embedded in our souls as South Africans. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not exactly family friendly entertainment, I can’t even remember the last time I sat through a whole episode – but love it or hate it, we’ve all seen it. 

J.P. Pienaar, better known as DJP, has taken that unmistakable tune and reworked it with his “I Live For Sundays” Carte Blanche remix. It’s a proper house banger, touching at something fondly sentimental for us Saffas. There’s not much else to say about the track other than that, and while it probably won’t go much further than something of a quirky novelty, it will definitely have you feeling more a part of this nation than you probably have been these last few weeks.

Corona, you’ve got nothing on the lasting powers of this show.