Fynite embraces his South African roots with his debut EP, Rooted in Afro

While he may divide his time between Johannesburg and Tel Aviv, Israeli-South African electronic producer Fynite has truly embraced his South African roots with his debut EP Rooted in Afro – as he injects a healthy dose of afro-house into his electronic-pop style of production. 

With the singles leading up to this EP receiving support from multiple local radio stations and TV channels, it comes as no surprise that his debut EP is something special. The four-track offering is characterised by its use of simple melodies and rich, layered, afro-infused rhythms. 

Each track is distinguished by the addition of crisp indie-inspired vocals, which enables the EP to stave away any of the monotony that can often haunt house tracks and holds easy engagement throughout the duration of the four tracks.

Rooted in Afro is a masterfully produced and polished debut EP from Fynite, who has managed to capture the warmth and soulfulness that has come to distinguish the Afro-house genre, while still adding a touch of character by featuring moody vocals on each track. And while we can’t expect to enjoy this music at a club or festival anytime soon, it’s definitely something you can let loose to at home.