Guy Buttery delivers an enchanting visual accompaniment to his track “Sonokota”

The intricacies of human movement meet the sun-soaked natural world for a beautiful visual representation of the many-faceted aspects of oneself. This is the video for “Sonokota”, directed by Guy Buttery’s longtime friend Tyrone Bradley and starring the stunning performance artist Leilah Kirsten.

Lifted off his collaborative album Nāḍī with Kanada Narahari, which was released late last year “Sonokota” is a six-part collaborative track featuring Thandi Ntuli, Shane Cooper, Ronan Skillen and Julian Redpath. It’s a subtle and tranquil medley of African, Western and Indian influence. Jangling sitar pairs up against hollow percussion and Ntuli’s warm and distinctly African vocalism. It’s a cross-cultural exploration of earthen sound.

Released during a time of immense uncertainty – and likely introspection – in the world, Buttery seeks to offer up a study of the duality of self. Leilah Kirsten crawls through shafts of forest sunlight with feral grace.

Decked out in a white feathered headdress and a sweeping winged outfit, she moves through the greenery. Bradley plays with kaleidoscopic visuals, a black feathered counterpart, and experimental juxtaposition between light and dark. From the treeline to a boulder-top Atlantic sunset – the creative crew paint a striking and subtle picture.