Jägermeister has launched a global initiative called #SaveTheNight that aims to support nightlife communities in SA

With the global Covid-19 lockdown impacting the lives and livelihoods of millions, those working in clubs, bars and nightlife-related creative industries are profoundly affected.

With this in mind, the family-owned Mast-Jägermeister SE are launching a diverse global initiative – #SAVETHENIGHT – to support these individuals.

The goal of #SAVETHENIGHT is to support both sides of the global nightlife community: professionals working in the aforementioned industries who need direct financial help to supplement their income and save their jobs, and everyone else who cannot flock to clubs and bars to hang out with their friends and revel in the nightlife.

Starting with the online “Meister Drop-Ins” project, #SAVETHENIGHT will allow Jägermeister to create income streams for DJs, mixologists, and creative performers, allowing consumers to book them, for free, to “drop into” their virtual parties on Skype, Zoom, or Houseparty.

Artists available for Drop-Ins include Francois van Coke, Muzi, Mixologist Cassandra Eichhoff, DJ Wobbly and Gina Jeanz, but it also includes creatives, illustrators, and performers, such as Bushy Wopp, Bangy Rabothata, and choreographer Zoyi Lindiwe.  When the performances are complete, these Meisters can be tipped via PayPal, generating additional income.

Interested parties can book their Meister Drop-Ins on the dedicated website,

“Not only does this campaign support our artists with additional income, but it offers them the opportunity to channel their energy and creativity into interesting and exciting projects whilst producing bold work for a global audience,” Bea Theron, Jägermeister Experiential Manager for South Africa adds.

Other than Drop-Ins, the Save the Night initiative includes micro-funding campaigns, which pay artists to produce authentic projects and/or content. Upcoming mirco-funding projects include fine artist Rose Marie Burger’s oil on canvas time-lapse titled, ‘Bright Night, Ride or Die’ and tattoo artist Raoul Goetze’s illustration ‘The Hunting Ritual’ on wood, with more to come.