Jon Shaban wrote and recorded 21 Songs in 21 Days during lockdown and it’s packed with life lessons for this time

Back when the initial 21 day lockdown was announced, Jon Shaban did as any self-possessed musician of his calibre would do and committed to writing, recording and releasing a song a day for 21 days. 

What was originally going to be a DIY acoustic project quickly grew into a full blown remote recording experience – with the help of friends and collaborators swiftly hopping aboard. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a rough-around-the edges self-made situation but it’s of the finest quality you’ll get in self-quarantine. 

Jon Shaban has always had a whole lot of opinions and views – and a catchy AF way of sharing them with the world. Narrative lyricism meets acoustic melodies bristling with hooks and rollicking bangers which will stick for a while. 

21 days, 21 stories to tell – and Shaban doesn’t falter once. He tackles the financial woes of musicianship in “Medical Aid”, missing the homies in “There’s No Place Like Home”, to just how it feels to want to leave a sparkling legacy in “Sticking Around”.

“Going Crazy” – which falls on lockdown day 7 and aptly sums up a solid dose of cabin fever – is a rollicking folk-punk banger accompanied by a Zoom-style home video to spice it up. Featuring Matthew James (Crossfire Collision) on vocals, Ricki Allemann (Tweak) on bass, Jason Hinch (The Amblers), and Adam Stanley (IAMWARFACE) on drums – it’s a glimpse into the lives of musicians making magic from the four walls of their respective homes. 

He gets a little wilder in the breakneck-paced rant of “The Bigot”, takes things down a notch with sweeping strings and tranquil ambience in “Cross Road”. He thrusts his middle finger up in the face of failure in “Practice Patience” and lays out the fundamental changes needed for the world to right itself again in the final celebratory bars of “We’ve Reached The End”. 

Well, we haven’t quite, but this’ll help us get there.