Lakei’s “Same As Last Time” sees an assured young artist blending R&B and hip hop to create something confident, catchy and complete

Lakei’s “Same As Last Time” blends elements of heartfelt R&B and hard-hitting hip hop to create something confident, catchy and complete.

The project opens with “Audemars and Pateks (Bless)” where Lakei immediately lets you know that “It’s 2020, W season,” and I’m inclined to agree with him. The track has a poised coolness about it, with happy-go-lucky bars in between smooth and well controlled singing. The production is as clean and articulate as ever.

“I’m Actually a Mess Part II” is drunk and in love R&B at its finest. “I just walked up in the club, I ain’t sober I’m a mess” tells us Lakei’s state before he goes on to spit sentiments of wanting to clean up his act for this girl; stressing moments of stumbling confusion and blurriness, all the while being assured of his feelings for her. “I’m finna clean up my act, then I’ma hit you back” – an ode to the moment you meet someone who makes you want to change your ways.

“Two Fifteen” follows and it’s a summertime-love R&B ballad that you want playing on repeat next to the swimming pool. The lyrics sound like classic infatuation turned love euphoria; “Breakfast, eggs benedict, she a feminist, I’m in love with it” and “Staring at the view, got me staring back at you, and she got all of me.”

Lakei slows it down with “Indoor Interlude” and spits some introspective bars about a relationship as well as what he wants in life; talking through his feelings for her and what’s been going on inside of his head. “I’m sipping on water, I’m taking a break” – Lakei highlights his need to calm things down for a bit, “I just want you by my side in my tour bus, I guess we not there yet” – Lakei talks about his goals for both himself and her.

Both “In My Bag” and “Two Things” have perfectly placed features, with the powerful Laudable in the former and the talented Khady Rivers in the latter both delivering refreshing and strong verses. Both tracks have a playful tone, with the artists riding the wave of some superb melodic keys.

“Run Away With Me” is an atmospheric R&B track with harmonious synths and beautiful vocals. Lakei shows off his range in this final track, and switches between flawless singing and exceptional flow. The track speaks of wanting to get away with someone on a transcendental level – “Won’t you run away with me, to the moon, to the sun.”

Lakei continues on his journey of constant progression in his latest tape, with the student of sound delivering yet another project that should have everyone in the country on their feet.