M2KaNE rips open the hip hop space-time-continuum with his latest album, The Timeless Vinyl

Forget about the trends and tap into the essence of timelessness with East London-born, Port-Elizabeth-based rapper M2KaNE (real name Mihlali Tukani) on his 13-track album The Timeless Vinyl.

The unapologetically braggadocious oeuvre knows no time – aptly so since The Timeless Vinyl contains tracks M2KaNE created between 2014 and 2015 – a time he describes as “a bold step in the pursuit of music.”

Track one, “Frozen Fire”, is a seven-and-a-half minute prelude against dreamy back-beats before splitting into track two, “Winter Light Bulbs” and turning dark in an other-worldly sounding “Marvin”. 

M2KaNE tears up rhyme syllables and busts through triplet patterns (perhaps a nod to the rap veteran Busta Rhymes) all the way to track five where tempo scales down slightly. 

Track 11, “Chains of Blood” speaks to grappling with hardship in life, wrapping up smartly in track 13 “Timeless” with lyrics “I just want to live forever” echoing in the background behind what seems like sounds of rewinding. 

M2KaNE challenges the rhythms and sounds we’re used to by combining complex hip-hop elements and dividing beats skillfully into the album. He is the architect of his playground spitting bars in a characteristic, abrupt staccato fashion in between catchy hooks.