Meet Winnetka Bowling League: quirky indie-rockers with a whole lotta ’80s reference and a brand new video called “Kangaroo”

Two years ago, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, DJ and producer, Matthew Koma, teamed up with three fresh hipster delinquents, to form the off-beat indie-rock outfit Winnetka Bowling League and their whole aesthetic is a deliciously nostalgic trip.

They have a track named “Kombucha” and if that doesn’t scream modern indie-quirk I don’t know what does. They’ve crafted a spicy combination of alternative rock contingencies, ’80s-flecked synth intrusions and unexpectedly deep lyricism. Dry humour meets catchy AF melodies that just beg for a festival crowd. 

The LA-hailing band just released a – surprise, surprise – lockdown-themed video for their latest single “Kangaroo” and it’s the third single to drop this year. These guys are rolling out bangers at a mega-pace. 

Directed by Zack Sekula (from home) who’s also responsible for the direction of their previous videos for “CVS” and “On tHE 5”, the video is a collection of home-style iPhone footage of each band member doing their thing during their lockdown.

“Each band member shot their part of the video on an iPhone wherever they were quarantining with whatever props they could cook up and make at home,” explains Koma. “Sage actually just started playing bass with us, and we’ve only had one rehearsal, so this is sort of the first time we’re playing as a band. Lighting is harder than it looks.”

It’s got spaceman helmets, moonbags galore, astral backdrops and enthused bedroom air guitar. Koma’s wife Hilary Duff (yes, you heard that right) even makes an appearance.

It’s a collage of throwback sounds – an ear-worm of a track all about being ok with yourself despite what the world chooses to think. Wholesome.