Melancholic to a fault, Sold Ash’s self-titled debut EP is a journey not to be taken lightly

Sold Ash’s self-titled debut EP is a restless, lo-fi journey through the deepest, darkest parts of the human psyche.

“(Iteration)”, the EP’s opener, is a short instrumental piece that sets the scene with a lone mournful guitar providing the only bit of melody as the percussion almost tauntingly ebbs and flows around it.

Filled with self-deprecation and self-loathing “Genophobia” – a word that’s defined as a fear of sexual relations – thrives in discomfort and melancholy and, at its peak, will have you wanting to rip your ear phones out purely because of its hair raising tension.

“You’re Far” is, musically, more tangible. Its beat – which wouldn’t be out of place on The Kills’ Ash & Ice album – provides the foundation for a sinister, almost hypnotic soundtrack to a cry for release from an internal battle against dangerously negative thought patterns.

The EP closes with the forlorn “Affect” -a song that could loosely be described as a love song but in reality, is more of a surrendering to an old flame that burns every time, but sates the immediate need for affection and comfort.

It’s been said that the purpose of art is to make people feel something. By that definition Sold Ash is a borderline masterpiece but be warned: if you’re not careful you could find yourself being guided down a path into your own psyche that can be very difficult to escape.