MiCasa’s “Church Bells” video is a postmodern nod to a continent

Our favourite Afro-house trio, MiCasa, recently celebrated 10 years on the scene, and are showing no signs of slowing down, if their recent signing to Universal Music group Afroforce1 Records has anything to say about it. 

They’ve got a brand new album dropping soon entitled We Made It and you can just about smell the celebration. MiCasa have four award-winning albums under their belt, a slew of awards (including 5 SAMAs) and deep-rooted position in their homeland music scene. Now it’s time to build some bridges and that is just the leverage Afroforce1 Records is lending them. 

So warm up those ears to their refreshed and polished sound, the music video for their recently released single “Church Bells” drops today. It’s a tour-de-force of an Afro-electro track – anthemic in all the right ways – pairing earthy percussive rhythm with a tirelessly dancey beat. 

When it comes to the visuals, think sweeping African skies and an equally majestic sweeping plain. Two matrimonial parties advance across the landscape – the groom/s (they are a trio after all) are trailed by a crew of cattle herders and their Nguni cows, kicking up dust with striking choreography as they approach. The bride is flanked by a colourful flock of women with the sun in their hair and the beat in their feet. There’s an intergalactic wedding crasher though. I won’t give away the rest. 

It’s an anthemic, striking visual ode to the celebration of love. And as my friend who peered over my shoulder as I listened to the song said: “The beat hit right.”