Mongrel Records’ hard rock compilation, Fangs, is an epic collection of SA’s best alternative talent

The good people over at Mongrel Records have put together a compilation album aptly named Fangs that’s bound to get any heavy music lover’s blood pumping.

With all but one of the featured bands hailing from South Africa – the exception being the Togolese Afro-tribal metal outfit Arka’n Asrafokor – Fangs is a showcase of some of the best music from an underground scene that’s going from strength to strength.

The album is made up of offerings from already established bands like Pretorian stoner-rockers Ruff Majik and two-piece hard-rockers Hellcats while also shining a spotlight on up-and-comers like Goat Throne and Apocalypse Later.

By putting Fangs together Mongrel Records have created a cross-section of the local heavy scene: a space in which grunge, punk, and bare-knuckled rock ‘n’ roll join forces with their heavier, more extreme cousins to form a unified tour-de-force. South Africa has always been a breeding ground for top-notch heavy music and Fangs gives us a taste of just how dynamic and exciting the underground scene is.