Moonga K. just whipped up a piping hot plate of soul food in his latest EP, An Ode To Growth, Pt. 1

Spoiler alert: In the final episode of the Netflix original, “Hollywood”, Queen Latifah’s character, Hattie McDaniel pulls Laura Harrier’s character Camille Washington into a triumphant embrace for winning an Oscar for Best Actress. As she squeezes her tight, Hattie’s mouth curls into a satisfied smile and a single sound bubbles up from the depth of her belly: “mmm-mm”.

That is the sound I made the whole way through Moonga K.’s seven-track EP, An Ode To Growth Pt. 1. The Zambian-born, Johannesburg singer-songwriter has served up a fresh plate of piping hot modern soul food and all seven tracks glitter together to make this golden EP which dropped last week. 

Track one, “i know. (i do)” introduces Moonga K.’s velvety voice, dripping like honey over a hot spoon before a little vocal spice is sprinkled over the sexy, sophisticated track two, “rock with me” courtesy of Guiliette Price.

As I cut loose to this tightly knit EP, a goosebump-inducing track four “steady” has a little melancholic-yet-introspective Kevin Abstract flare to it. Track six “Zinedine’s Interlude” punches with panache and c’est si bon because it contains a matter-of-fact message from the fabulous sage, Eartha Kitt.

This EP is a rich, raw, and considered work that charmed my head from left to right from track one to seven and I’m about to hit repeat.