MTN Bushfire said the show must go on with a digital edition & 100% of funds raised going to boMake Rural Projects & Young Heroes

Inspired by the festival’s #BRINGYOURFIRE call to action for positive change, the #KeepTheFireBurning digital festival is part of MTN Bushfire’s COVID-19 response to support our beneficiaries, Young Heroes and boMake Rural Projects.

Instead of gathering in person for the traditional festival weekend on Saturday, the 30th of May MTN Bushfire fans can still enjoy a wide and diverse array of music and related programmes via an immersive two-way virtual experience.

This year’s confirmed line-up includes Oki Dub Ainu Band (Japan), Ain the Machine (Germany), Bholoja (Eswatini), Habib Koite (Mali), Dizraeli(UK), Mokoomba (Zimbabwe), Alune Wade (Senegal), Sands (Eswatini), Donovan Copley (South Africa), Mehdi Qamoum (Morocco), Mario Batkovic (Bosnia), Albert Frost (South Africa), Red Robyn (South Africa) and Staceyann Chin (Jamaica /USA) Velemseni (Eswatini).

With Howler’s innovative technology, we’ll be sharing the festival’s multi-dimensional experiences through exciting themed Zoom Rooms, all for a worthy cause.

Register now for free access to the online festival here.


The postponement of the 14th Edition of the MTN Bushfire festival has greatly affected our beneficiaries’ ability to keep their doors open and continue serving the Eswatini communities at a time when it is needed the most.

With the daily increase in COVID-19 cases in the Kingdom of Eswatini, the threat on our health and livelihoods puts those with already compromised immune systems and inadequate access to potable running water and sanitation facilities at an even higher risk.

About 90 per cent of the families supported by Young Heroes are cared for by elderly women who have no source of income. Their needs have been further stretched by the closing of schools, where feeding schemes give the children a meal or two each day.

BoMake empowers nearly 800 rural woman artisans, subsequently benefiting their families and their communities. The pandemic has caused a collapse in their traditional sources of income and has put their families at risk.

Our donation target is firstly to support MTN Bushfire’s neighbours in the Lobamba Lomdzala Constituency, where the festival is held. Both BoMake and Young Heroes operate nation-wide, so any further support will be used to extend their impact across the country. Last year, we raised R330,000 for our beneficiaries and we hope that this event will ensure that in 2020, with your support, we are able to continue to support these organisations when they need it most.

Check out the amazing work that these organisations are doing: and