Nick James & the Lords debut video “Lockdown Sonnet” is a reassuring shoulder for the overwhelmed

The series of events that has unfolded over the past few months has made my mood so adept at swinging, I’m convinced it could have competed at the Olympics in the artistic gymnastics division had it taken place. Nick Trethowan aka awewolves aka Nick James & the Lords speaks to this very sentiment in his debut video to his single “Lockdown Sonnet”. 

The muso swaps bars for strings as he heads in a dialled-down direction during a dialled-down time. The ukulele-wielding singer-songwriter snuck out after the lockdown level downgrade to grab the last bit of footage before pulling together Nick James & the Lords’s “Lockdown Sonnet” video. 

Produced by Arjuna Kohlstock and shot by Sam Bowker, the team have spliced scenes of Trethowan in a time of introspection and meditation. The ukulele’s reassuring tone clucks in between panning shots of Trethowan alone in nature but content, prompting us to unfurl our proverbial clenched fists and resist the welling up of overwhelming feelings. 

“Lockdown Sonnet” urges us to take a timeout from the Covid-19 conspiracy treacle and string of Instagram Lives, close our eyes, and breathe in tomorrow – and while it’s got a repetitive streak, it’s a feel-good offering for these ol’ times.