Reggae-rockers Manuvah To Land are back with their Got This Feeling EP

Back in 2007 Manuvah to Land was born in coastal KZN – dropped their debut EP in 2010, hopped on to support Jeremy Loops, Finley Quay and BOO (that’s a throwback) and then all but dropped off the radar when frontman Jason Graham moved to Australia. Somewhere in between they landed a track on the 2013 Durban Tourism campaign.

In classic COVID-19 pandemic style, they’ve resurfaced right on time to drop some of the latest stuff they’ve been working on – and that comes in the form of their second full-length release in their 13-year career: Got This Feeling

They tread across reggae, rock, indie, blues continuums throughout the short-lived EP. Opening tracks “Got This Feeling” and “Follow” favour a high-tone, jangling reggae trajectory – while “Indestructable” moves through a collage of melodic counterparts within its 4 minutes. It leaps from an indie-pop intro, to a brisk-paced acoustic groove and back around to a languid dub interim. Rinse and repeat.

It’s the sort of checkered grooves which hark back to the muddy dancefloor of Splashy Fen 2008 – which to be honest, they were probably at. They take a not-quite-polished, playful organic spin on whatever genre takes their fancy. “Easy Like Monday Morning” is delivered in two forms: the bluesy rock of bygone festival days, and the acoustic counterpart. Take your pick. 

This EP is about trusting your gut and getting on with things, about keeping the spirits high, and – most importantly – about finding calm in the storm.