Sipho The Gift’s new single “BLOOM” is a dazzling showcase of his restraint

Sipho The Gift is back with a brand new self-produced single, “BLOOM”, and it’s a celebration of the artist himself. Part of an upcoming EP of the same name, Sipho The Gift is celebrating his growth and transformation over the years, looking at just how far he has come. 

Sipho has proved to us countless times over that he has a true knack for dazzling music engineering. Often he’ll throw in sounds so starkly out of place, wheezing synths and muddy undertones, that the picture he paints only gets brighter. 

Yet on “BLOOM” he reigns things back. With just a simple beat and a repetitive four-note guitar melody, there’s none of Sipho’s usual hard-on production – everything feels softly structured, and it truly showcases his cutting-edge flow. He’s really just out here flexing on all of us with a track as tight as this, plain and simple. 

Rather than chase a sound, he lets the music find him, and Sipho reflects on this skill, proudly owning his creative expression. He’s proving just how serious a contender he is in the industry, and nothing’s out to stop him either. Like a seed, buried deep underground, slowly growing, he was bound to bloom sooner or later.