Sold Ash’s video for “Genophobia” goes down a rambling experimental path

Sold Ash takes his exploration of identity a step further with an experimental music video for “Genophobia.”

A month after releasing his self-titled debut EP Sold Ash has released a haunting and, at times, terrifying video that’s filled with the same rule-ignoring energy that defined mid-to-late 20th century avant-garde cinema.

Rather than tackle the project on his own, Sold Ash compiled footage from different cinematographers and directors to create a multi-faceted exploration of gender and sexuality that builds on the themes explored in the song.

The result is a dark, psychedelic trip that’s as impactful as it is unsettling. This audio-visual pastiche doesn’t have much by way of narrative but the discomfort that comes with finding your place in the world and coming to terms with yourself as a person is more than tangible throughout.

This is a video that pulls you in with its striking visuals and gives you an idea of what must have been going through Sold Ash’s mind when he first sat down to write “Genophobia”.