Spectr and Zeraph’s experimental EP Lost in Snow is a bite-sized shoegazer chronicle

You might think it a peculiar partnership – a techno-producer and a classic rock rooter – but it is exactly that peculiarity of sound that Cape Town-based Spectr (real name Claus) and Zeraph (real name Luca Paterson-Jones) have harnessed to write a curious catalogue of sonic effects.

Relatively new to the music-making neighbourhood without any real or substantial theoretical grounding, I hesitate an attempt at boxing the duo’s sound into a category. I hear the ring of Ziggy Stardust and a dash of Depeche Mode in the home-brewed two-track EP, Lost In Snow – glam and synth-pop giants that Spectr and Zeraph count among their influences.

They’ve also launched a mini-series on IGTV called “Spectr and Zeraph’s How It’s Made”. In it, you get to journey with the boy wonders through their music-making process. Spectr walks us through the group’s favourite editing and music production software as they continue to learn the ropes.

The duo play with galactic beeps and screeches to give their first track “Lucy” that ‘lost in space and time sci-fi’ feel.The synthy lick in track one morphs into distorted guitar riffs laced with ethereal, obscured vocals characteristic of shoegazing or chillwave in track two, “Dreamwalk”, which mimics the rotting of a real social-connection, as the individual approaches a dream world of isolation, obscurity and loneliness.

The two-track treat that is Lost In Snow is going up on my metaphorical music shelf of shoegazing go-to’s.