Tatum’s debut EP, Bloodsport, is a dark and twisted coming of age story

Remember when we told you that Tatum was one to keep an eye on this year? Well if she hasn’t already, her debut EP Bloodsport is a surefire way to get your attention.

An anguish-ridden lullaby for the angsty heart, over the course of 5 tracks, Tatum navigates the dark and destructive nature of love with an earnestness that prevents it from becoming overly pretentious. It’s a breath of fresh air which shuns the saccharine –  opting instead for a brutally honest exploration of the psychological warfare that comes with heartbreak.

The EP, which is masterfully produced by Paul Gala (of Bad Future Records), is evocative without being overwhelming and truly enjoyable from start to finish. While common themes of darkness, pain and introspection tie the EP together, each song offers something unique, from the standout track “Unholy”, which features PHFAT, to the devastatingly poignant titular track.

Throughout the course of the EP we are given ample opportunity to marvel at Tatum’s vocal range, which sees her voice move effortlessly between a languid breathiness, a deceptively beguiling and honeyed tone and, lastly, one that is distinctively powerful and heart-breaking – where each word is drenched in emotion, emanating heartache and anguish. 

Combining brooding piano with electronic kicks and embellished with synth and violin she creates a EP that is both captivating and tragically dreamy.