The Kiffness makes a brutally honest video about what to expect from brands when lockdown is eventually over

After Cyril’s speech last night, we now know that Level 3 is looming for the whole of the country – yes even you, Cape Town.

Pretty soon it’ll be Level 2, and then Level 1 and before you know it, we’re going to be told that it’s “business as usual” by the government, but especially by brands.

Enter The Kiffness, who has decided to warn us of what to expect from brands when lockdown ends, underpinned by an emotionally-charged cover of Biggy’s “Dames”.

“So I was messing around on piano the other night and started singing ‘Dames’ over the chords I was playing,” Dave Scott explains to me when I ask him about his latest satirical video. “For fun, I decided to get my Hans Zimmer on and turned the song into an orchestral masterpiece. I thought, jeepers, I can’t just leave it at this, I need to actually make a full advert now!”

His video also features rad drone footage from Josh Rubin, the infamous Demi Demi, and a whole bunch of his celebrity choms which Scott laughs about declaring, “I thought ‘I need some celebrities in the video’, so I called on Biggy, Jack Parow & Danny K (a must) to ask if they’d like to be in the ad. They all happily obliged.”

The ad also features stock footage of actors dressed as essential workers, The Ndlovu Youth Choir and our national treasures The Springboks lifting the World Cup – all very important and inspiring visuals to ensure a successful post lockdown advert.

But the cherry on top of this satirical ad?

“The ad was almost done, but I also really needed a shot of a grateful surfer in the ad,” Scott smiles. “I couldn’t find any good footage, but then I remembered Jeremy Loops had a music video where he surfs a lot and found a really nice shot of him looking very grateful to be surfing. I didn’t get his permission to use this shot, because I assumed that he wouldn’t want to be in the video, after I upset him with some of my previous posts.”

He might be cheeky, but The Kiffness still cares.

Watch the ad below and when you’re done listen to our podcast featuring The Kiffness.