The video for Alanna Joy and Matt Carstens collab “Tell Me” is a light in these times

The video for Alanna Joy’s latest single “Tell Me” is a slightly other-worldly, immensely relatable representation of those days where our thoughts paint themselves in a shade a little too dark.

With Matt Carstens hopping aboard, “Tell Me” is a conversation many of us have had in our lives. As Joy pleads with Carstens to open up, the lyrics explore why we have so much difficulty showing people our darkness. Instrumentals swirl around them creating an intricate storm of emotions.

The video focuses on ordinary people feeling extraordinary emotions. The almost ghostly effect created by the lighting draws focus to these people as they fight an increasingly difficult battle against thoughts that isolate them and break down any sense of self-belief before finding comfort in each other, a moment as honest and realistic as anything that’s come before it.

Life is difficult for all of us in our own ways, and “Tell Me” is a reminder that not only is it okay to open up, it’s potentially lifesaving. And its video serves to tell us that we’re never alone and that sometimes when the world gets a bit too heavy, the best place to find comfort is in someone else.