This is SAYGRACE: Aussie singer and spokesperson for girlhood and all its bad-assery

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again until I finally get myself there – but Australia has had some serious talent. The latest taking on the world in her own right is Brisbane-hailing SAYGRACE – a firecracker of a singer-songwriter. 

She originally entered the scene as a teenager, when she gained viral attention from her Quincy Jones co-produced tribute to Lesley Gore – a cover of Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me” which eventually went viral on Spotify. Originally identified on stage as simply Grace (real name Grace Sewell), since then she’s taken a 180 degree turn, changed up her moniker and is bringing a whole new version of herself to her music. 

Now it’s 2020 and – following a TikTok viral stint for her track “Boy’s Aint Shit” which spawned a dance challenge across the platform – she has just released what she considers her manifesto. It comes in the form of her debut EP, The Defining Moments of SAYGRACE: Girlhood, Fuckboys & Situationships

In a nutshell it’s a bold and brazen ode to growing into oneself as a woman in a big wide world. It’s about not giving the fuckboys the power, knowing your worth, and how to use all your rough edges to your advantage. 

She’s gloriously rough around the edges. Her most recent video, “Gone”, for her third single off the EP depicts her pre-teen self – as many of her videos do – rough and tough and spitting verses through an R&B-contemporary lens. 

“As women we’re told all your value is placed on how fuckable you are, but I refuse to accept that as reality,” she says. “What I realized as I got older is that nothing is more powerful than divine feminine energy and when women come together and support each other the possibilities are infinite.”

And that’s the sort of truth we all need to be hearing.