Weed Dealer teamed up with Italian punk rockers The Many Grams for their latest EP: Finest Quality/ Slow Delivery

If you don’t remember Weed Dealer from thier releases last year, allow me to reintroduce them. Think early 2000’s angsty punk-rock delinquents with a whole lotta love for a bygone genre and a whole lotta talent for bringing it right back around.

The 5-piece alt-punk outfit teamed up with Italian punk rockers The Many Grams for a split EP, Finest Quality/ Slow Delivery which dropped last week. Along with most touring South African bands, their 2020 European tour – which was scheduled to go ahead with The Many Grams, too – was brought to a grinding halt when old COVID-19 swung around.

The 6-track EP is split right down the middle, with the first half being primarily courtesy of Weed Dealer and the latter half by The Many Grams.

Weed Dealer kicks things off with their 1-minute-wonder of a banger “G. T. F. O.”: a rollicking, bite-sized narrative of getting out of toxic situations. “The Price of Progress” is a lighter, although riff-heavy exploration of benzodiazepine addiction – while “Livin’ The Dream” wraps up their half with an unexpectedly Beach Boys-esque ballad, with psych pop-rock strains looped through it.

The Many Grams take the reigns for the final tracks with a decidedly grittier, more garage-punk tangent behind them. From the rhythm-centric basslines of “Secret Handshakes”, and the jangling honesty of “Toxic Romance” – to the muffled, rugged strains of “Shiny Nights”.

It’s a raw and sizzling collaborative effort, and a feeel-good alternative for a cancelled tour.

Feature pic courtesy of Bleach Photography.