Alainite drops his first full-length album Midnight Vibing: a new-school sound struggling to find direction

Alainite has tirelessly been proving his love for solo work this past year, releasing tracks like he’s been picking them off trees. Following the success of his recent EP After Hours, Alainite has dropped his first full-length album Midnight Vibing – a collection of new-school write-ups that somehow struggle to find direction.  

While the concept of Alainite’s project is one of introspection and independence, he frequently collaborates with talented producers both locally and abroad, picking up more than a million streams on Spotify alone – an achievement that’s bound to spur on great music. 

In many ways it does. Midnight Vibing isa determined effort that solidifies Alainite’s chief sound and style. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you love Post Malone then look no further, Alainite’s your guy. Yet he seems a little misguided on this debut, each of his tracks kind of flowing into the next with no dynamic. Alainite may be hard at churning out work, but he’s missing that versatility in sound that can really set him apart from fellow contemporaries. 

Still songs like “All Night” and “Chasing You” stand out with catchy hooks, dancey rhythms and an all-round sound that’s totally current. It’s no wonder Alainite has found such acclaim with tracks as wholesome as these, they’re testament to his pure knack for song writing.