Cherry Vynil’s “Simunye” video is an uplifting celebration of the children of Africa

There’s something about classic indie Afro-rock parameters which never really gets old. Cherry Vynil – who have, in fact, been around since 2008 – channel the sort of uplifting, hook-riddled tangents the likes of which we know and love from Hot Water and certain moments of Mango Groove.

“Simunye” means “We Are One” and it seems pretty apt if you want to get patriotic about it. It’s a proudly South African song through and through – born from a trip down frontman Vickus Horne’s visceral memory lane. “As a young boy, the love for people was created through my family who is dedicated to serve others,” he explains.  

The accompanying video juxtaposes performance footage with a tiny plane reunion party – that’s as much as I can say. Kids run amok, classic cars play a feasible role. It’s swamped in colour and vibrancy and energy.

It’s a song for the children of Africa, all colours and cultures and creeds. It’s an offering laced in patriotism and good, wholesome African sound.