Cistamatic’s new video “Flesh Prince I (whatdoesyourskintastelike?)” is bound to make your skin crawl for a few reasons

A meaty concoction of limbs and flesh, Cistamatic’s latest video “Flesh Prince I (whatdoesyourskintastelike?)” is a grisly visual inspired by the gross, body horrors of the ’80s. And it’s bound to make your skin crawl.

Cistamatic (Gabbi Le Roux) has always been drawn to the horror rock aesthetic, and uses the Flesh Prince character (an androgynous, gender-flipped vampire) to lure us into their sound world. Their music has always been challenging, fighting stereotypical gender roles and observing the growing power of previously marginalised queer bodies. This time they take things further, as the Flesh Prince doles out judgement on cat-callers, stalkers, abusive partners, public-transport gropers and all the other perpetrators of gender-based violence.

The video is a collaborative piece between Le Roux and Amanda Rybicka – a sculptor and conceptual artist from Cape Town. You can expect to see a dissection of children’s clay toys, finger crowns, uncomfortable footage of Rybicka’s teeth, skeletons, body scans, bandage-wrapped limbs and an all-over strange and visceral horror.

Musically, the track is just as unnerving, taking inspiration from a kind of industrial rock, and heavy metal mash-up. Le Roux also whispers seductive murmurings rather than sings, occupying the darkest corners of the Flesh Prince’s mind. Get onto this one before it gets you first.