Covered in Noise’s new single “Wound For Wound” is a nod to a bygone era, while also a whole new angle on a beloved genre

Ten months ago Covered in Noise dropped a deliciously nostalgic single that set them firmly in our sights – and while “Numbers” served as an introductory window into the vast sound these guys are making, “Wound For Wound” sees them cast their alternative rock net even wider into the genre ocean.

Roaring riffage meets thundering drums in this rousing, post-grungy, deviant of a track and I can tell you that no other band in SA is making music like this right now, which makes it all the more special.

“Wound For Wound” is about being treated badly, ripped up and a left vengeful. George van der Spuy (Taxi Violence, Crawling King Snake) lays candid lyricism into the mix with a muted nonchalance, while Nicolai Roos (The Sleepers), Adam Hill (Echo Beach, The Sleepers) and Chris De Wet Bornman (Stoker) deliver an almost euphoric, dirty broad-shouldered track.

This is a tip of the hat to a bygone era of the industrial and alternative greats, whilst also a whole new angle on a beloved genre. Hopefully they don’t make us wait another 10 months for the next single.