DeepTouchSA’s album, Remedy, is a self-produced offering of mellow synths and deep house electronics

A soulful breakdown of electronic rhythms and soft melodies, DeepTouchSA’s self-produced album Remedy is made for Sunday afternoons, with your feet up, watching the sun go down. 

Before acquiring the DeepTouchSA moniker, Simbarashe Musingarimi started his musical journey at the age of fourteen, drawing influence from some of SA’s biggest house producers at the time – Vinny Da Vinci, Dukesoul, QB Smith. Their influence is felt heavily on his latest offering, with Dukesoul even featuring on a couple of the tracks. 

Remedy is imbued with a sense of cross-genre writing that lands it somewhere between Afro-house and the electro-ambient. And in addition to the Roland TR machine beats, its littered with specks of synth melody and classic instrumentals. There’s sax in there (“Sax @ Hulana Park”), groovy percussion (“Blue Skies”), even a little electric guitar (“Body N Soul”) – all of which ground the music, making it beautifully visceral. 

For a taste of DeepTouchSA’s dancier singles, catch “The Pressure”, “Soulful Deep In Me” and even “Amsterdam”. They bring some slight variation to the otherwise lulled tracks, waking you from your musical slumber. Let Remedy calm your mind, maybe even close your eyes. It’s what it’s made for.