Emerger’s debut video “Urban Wilderness” shoots Cape Town from its best sides – and they have a revamped version too

Nowadays music videos feel more like face marketing campaigns than artistic ventures, or at least in the mainstream industry they do. Still every so often a real gem comes along and it’s proof that there are still artists around going the extra mile.

Dream-pop duo Emerger’s debut video, “Urban Wilderness”, is one of those gems, paying homage to their hometown. Taking place in the Mother City itself – Sea Point Promenade, Company Gardens, the forest trails of Platteklip Gorge – these places of pastime for the band shine in splendour.

From smoke flares to visual plays of light and grainy analog film clips, just like home videos from years back. Emma de Goede’s and Gerry Matthee’s cinematic direction has got to be some of the best and most intimate to come out of Cape Town this year. 

Taken off the band’s debut EP Bloom, the track delivers in sound too, with rich vocal performances, swooning instrumentation (there’s even a flugelhorn solo in there of all things unexpected) and textual writing that leaves us somewhere between synth-jazz and soundscape electronica.

Then, just to mix things up a little, they reimagined the track for a modern electronica tangent, buffed up with ’80’s synths and nostalgia-soaked vocals. It’s the sort of thing which will make you move – if you weren’t already.