Francois van Coke and Jan Blohm paired up for “Die Toekoms” and it’s an honest evaluation of the chaos we’re in

Francois van Coke, with a little help from Jan Blohm, tries to wrap his head around our confusing present and even more unclear future in his latest single and video “Die Toekoms.”

The world is at a point now where I reckon even someone with genuine clairvoyant abilities would be hard-pressed to find any reliable insights into the future. As a whole, humanity is on a cliff edge with no idea what awaits us at the bottom and it’s this uncertainty that “Die Toekoms” revolves around, striking a contrast between loud and soft echoing the perverse dichotomy between surface normalcy and revolution that the world is grappling with.

The video, mostly a collection of found footage, expands on this chaos even more. Images of human progress are juxtaposed with images of human destruction, and the feelings of misery and anger that go hand in hand with popular revolt are contrasted with absolute euphoria – creating an experience that almost matches the schizophrenic nature of the current global situation.

Obvious societal relevance aside, what makes “Die Toekoms” so relatable is van Coke and Blohm’s reluctance to offer any kind of blatant optimism. There’s a fatalistic acceptance that the future is unpredictable and that all we can do is put one foot in front of the other and survive until we have some kind of clarity again.