Francois van Coke’s second live stream to focus on the stories behind some of his most iconic tunes

Last month Francois van Coke, taking a DIY-approach, live streamed his first solo show in 11 years from his home in Bellville, and viewers were impressed by the raw honesty of the performance, as well as with Francois’ live interaction with them.

This month, Jägermeister again invites you to join Francois van Coke, Jedd Kossew and Richard Onraet at Van Coke Studios in Cape Town for another special livestreaming experience on 13th June at 20h00. This intimate performance of acoustic renditions of their most popular hits will be coloured in with stories about how these tunes were born.

“During the past seventeen years, there have been countless tour buses and planes, long hours on the road to somewhere, late night parties on top of more late night parties, very early mornings, endless sleepless nights, very many known and unknown faces, old and new friendships, a lot of love, and tonnes of music that was written in many different places.

The memories of the people who were there for the stories behind the tunes may differ from mine. But who will ever know whose version is correct? The details get blurry very quickly… but this is what I remember,” says Francois van Coke.

Francois will entertain you with the backstories of timeless classics such as “Toe Vind Ek Jou”, “Komma”, “Dagdrome in Suburbia”, “Tot die Son Uitkom” and many more of the songs that made him famous in his seventeen years as vocalist for Fokofpolisiekar, Van Coke Kartel and as a solo artist.

Why livestream this show?

As a result of his Stories Agter Die Tunes tour being cancelled, Francois decided rather to livestream this concert from Van Coke Studio. It is an excellent opportunity to watch the show with your friends and family from the safety of your home.

Francois talks about the production: “Now that we are on Level 3, I can luckily get Jedd and Richard to come play with me, so things will sound good. Because we are streaming from Van Coke Studios, the sound will also be amazing. We are getting in a few cameras and we are going to make the studio look good.”

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