James Deacon is catching fire as he releases his second six-track EP, Renegade

Every single track on Joburg-based alt-pop singer-songwriter James Deacon’s latest EP, Renegade slaps hard. Every. Single. One.

Produced and mixed by Paula Gala at Bad Future Records, from the first lyric of track one “HERO aka Rich” comes an electric EP poised for the radio, surging with Jack Garrett electronic vibes and James Arthur-esque vocal abilities.

Tucking into track two – “Reason” is still my favourite since its release in March – and track three sweet and easy listening “Rain On Me” allowing the listener a peek into Deacon’s musical journey and the fight to follow his dream.

Title-track “Renegade” flaunts Deacon’s impressive versatility as he drops a little hip hop swag before a punchy wrap in “Shine”.

Renegade typifies great songwriting bound together by an extremely considered, expertly mixed arrangement.