Keep up creative moral with #MakeATrackIn5 by recording a track & filming a video of the short process

Mojalefa Mosia is aiming to keep creative energy flowing with his #MakeATrackIn5 Instagram challenge.

The goal is to shed light on the underground music scene and to have artists inspire each other through the simple or not-so-simple task of making a track in 5 minutes.

Mojalefa has challenged artists to record the process of making a track, cut together a short video, and post it on their Instagram with the hashtag #MakeATrackIn5. The challenge is not genre specific and encourages all musicians – seasoned or not – to participate. 

Mojalefa will then share the beauty, and hope other artists are inspired to do the same. The likes of Mojalefa himself and producer Deep Aztec have thus far participated in the challenge, both producing epic pieces of music.

In these unprecedented times, straightforward challenges like these may inspire not only creativity, but community and positivity too.

You can follow Mojalefa on Instagram at @lordgraft_ for more information on the challenge.