kidwithamatch makes way for total immersion with his latest, spaced-out EP

kidwithamatch’s new EP The Empathy Machine is a walk through cyber-space. Wholly instrumental, this 4-track offering could pretty much work as the soundtrack to any great sci-fi. 

What’s funny is that kid’s intention was never to put out an EP. In fact, he had actually been working on a short story/script idea, and without knowing it, had built up a repertoire of tracks that complemented his story perfectly. The script (of the EP’s same name) is still a long way from being finished, but The Empathy Machine marks the start of kid’s journey. 

Every track is the epitome of slow-burn, ambient music. It’s not a genre for everyone, still the likes of Aphex Twin and Brian Eno have managed to forge a place for it in the industry, and their influence on kid is easily noticeable. Opener “The Ghost In The Machine” is as galactic as it is stoic, ending on beautifully ruffled piano keys, while “Slow Turn” keeps up the melancholy with grandiose strings that make you feel like you’re soaring. 

“Connection Lost” was the first song to be finished on the EP, and it stands out as the best one too. It’s a solid composition, culminating in a vast build-up of intense electronics. It’s the EP’s most memorable moment, and undoubtedly worth the listen.