Locnville & Sketchy Bongo’s “95 Skyline” gets the remix treatment from beats by breakfast

The music video for Locnville & Sketchy Bongo’s “95 Skyline” – the beats by breakfast remix – had plucked me from my winter cocoon and plunged me right back into a sizzling December vibe.

Warner Music’s New York office commissioned the remix of yet another hit single from the Chaplin brothers and pulled Nashville-based pop producer beats by breakfast to do it.

“As soon as I heard ’95 Skyline’ I loved it and I knew I could put my own spin on it! I wanted this remix to feel like you just hopped in the car in the middle of summer with your best friend and you’re about to drive aimlessly for hours on end,” explains the producer, who’s worked on international advertising campaigns that have aired on NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS, and every other acronym known to man.

Directed by Rob Dos Santos, “95 Skyline” is the perfect combo of banging beats and summer scenery, as shots pan between the Durban promenade skatepark and the glow of the city streets as the twins cruise in their old-school, magged-up ride emitting sparkly purple exhaust clouds.